What is lawn burn and how to do away with dog pee killing grass?

Lawn burn is the situation in the lawn when the dog urine damages the grass. If your dog urinates in the lawn, the grass may get spoilt and turn brown after few days to require re-seeing. If you had to deal with Dog Pee Killing Grass, you are pretty aware how frustrating the whole thing is. It totally sabotages the aesthetic appeal of your lawn area. This problem may be corrected by adopting home remedies. But then, only a few of them are effective. Prior to bringing any change to your lawn to treat lawn burn, you need to first identify the main culprit. In fact, most of the lawn diseases or landscape problems can appear like lawn burn. So, first you need to identify the cause of brown patches.

Dog Pee Killing Grass

Identifying the problem in the lawn area

The foremost reason behind brown patches is certainly lawn burn. Make sure that the brown patches are only on the area where the dog urinated. Most of the dogs choose only one spot for relieving. The grass over the problem area must be attached to the surface firmly. Just grab the grass and give it a pull. If the grass is rooted firmly and is still brown, this suggests lawn burn. But then, if the entire bunch gets pulled out, then it is grub problem and not lawn burn. Lastly, make sure that the neighborhood dogs are not urinating. There is no point in treating your pet when the neighborhood dogs are actually causing the lawn burn.

The chief cause of lawn burn

You may be wondering why at all the dog’s urine causes lawn burn or brown patches. It is mostly caused due to the presence of nitrogen in the urine of the dog. Dog’s urine is high in nitrogen content and thus when the dog urinates, it is similar to pouring the entire nitrogen fertilizer. You need to reduce the amount of nitrogen that comes in contact with the grass. Since female dogs empty their bladder at one place, they are more problematic. Try and feed less protein to the dog. Dogs that are on high protein diet, they produce urine of high nitrogen content. The more the nitrogen, more will be the instance of lawn burn. Those areas of the lawn that are more stressed with nitrogen will get damaged easily. Diseased lawns, newly seeded lawns will get more affected.

Handling lawn burns to have beautiful landscape

•    You can pour water in the region where the dog urinated. Pour several bowls of water to completely soak the spot. Watering can work pretty well.

•    Feed your dog food which does not exceed protein requirement.

•    Encourage your pet to consume more and more water. This will dilute the dog’s urine to prevent lawn burn.

•    Train your dog to use only a particular spot for urinating.

If dog pee killing grass is the serious problem you are stuck up in, there are obvious ways of doing away with lawn burn. In order to lower the acidic content of the urine, you can make dietary changes. Read label of the food product prior to buying any.

Dog Urine Killing Grass Lawn Burn From Dogs Urine