Dog Pee Killing Grass

If you are always searching the internet to find ways of safeguarding your lawn from the dog’s urine, you will find too many approaches. But then, not all of them guarantees success or delivers the result. Most of the solutions just treat the grass after it is already dead. So, the urine already transforms the green area into brown patches, and you need to re-seed the area. Thus, immediately after the it pees, you need to soak the area with water to dilute. So, before the pee causes any damage to the lawn, you need to dilute it. You can have the plastic container full of water placed at the gate of the garden area so that it is accessible the moment your puppy pees. So, for Dog Pee Killing Grass, you can consider diluting the area. Apart from this Fescue grass may also be considered an option. The grass mostly attracts the animal to urinate at the same place.

dog pee killing grass


What causes the brown spots?

Many think that acid in the urine causes the deadening of grass in the lawn area. Obviously, dog’s urine has acidic content, but the real cause of concern is ammonia. It has high nitrogen content used in the fertilizers. Female dogs cause the maximum damage as they have a tendency to urinate at one place unlike the male dogs peeing in several spots. When the grass turns brown, it implies that the lawn is dead and there is no way to revive it or bring back to life. The main trick is rejuvenating the soil to patch the lawn.


How to neutralize urine salts?

You can use gypsum salt to treat the landscape area before seeding. It will offset the effect of urine salts and prevent it from harming greener area. So, just treat the area before reseeding in the early spring or fall. This can help a lot. Gypsum also offers better drainage to the soil which has high clay content. Adding gypsum to the sandy soil is just useless. Taking professional advice and getting the soil tested helps a lot.

Possible solutions to avoid dog pee killing grass

A lot many owners swear that the following solutions work a lot:

• Give it lots of water so that it is hydrated and does not pee in smaller amounts. Do not allow it to hold urine for the entire day. Keep your hound hydrated and let it do its work.

• You can train the pet in a way that it urinates in particular area only. Re-train your lovable pet in a zone which is less noticeable.

• Consider installation of motion sensor sprinkler to discourage it from urinating in the lawn area. So, as soon as the animal sniffs for that perfect space, it receives the cold water wave or some discouraging blast.

• Some even prefer to attack the problem at the very source. You can add up natural supplements to the food of them to neutralize the urine. There are various online stores for you access such supplies.

• Owners can even add cranberry juice to the water or feed the dogs black olives.

How to increase the water consumption of dogs?

Are you wondering how to get your pet to drink more water? In fact, they drink water whenever they feel like. If you are looking to increase the consumption of water, follow the tips below:

• You can flavor dog’s water by adding a bit of beef broth or chicken

• Introduce water and force the dog to drink it as the part of the meal. Make sure the water is low in sodium content.

• You can pour a glass of water in dry food items.

• Try and make water flavorful and add beef to make things chewy. Your hound will not mind chewing the food even if it is wet.

Dog pee killing grass is the problem which every owner has to suffer. If you are hesitant to offer more water to the dog, just know that extra water can improve the skin and the fur. You can refer to the online training tips to have better control over your pet.